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Our mission is to develop and commercialize a portfolio of proprietary bioluminescent (light producing/glowing) marine derived enzymes and related technologies with many first-in-class applications in medical imaging plus food, beverage, cosmetics, and personal care markets. This portfolio is backed up by both U.S. and foreign composition-of-matter and methods-of-use patents specific to this mission plus extensive known-how in this field and trade secrets in formulation, manufacturing, stability and delivery amongst others.

What is Bioluminescence?

Bioluminescence is "cold" light produced by a chemical reaction within a living organism.  Unlike fluorescence, bioluminescence does not require energy from another source of light to create illumination.  As a result, bioluminescence has a much greater range of uses than fluorescence.  BioLume’s bioluminescent enzymes were cloned from deep-sea marine organisms and are all natural chemistry that is prominent in the ocean’s food chain, and thus routinely consumed by man in many marine plants and animals. Major pharmaceutical companies have routinely used these enzymes for years in many life science applications related to drug discovery and biomedical research using live cell assays


Business Strategy


BioLume’s business strategy has two broad components; 1) developing and commercializing the medical imaging applications covered by its patents, 2) developing and commercializing the food, beverage, personal care, and cosmetic applications covered by its patents.  These strategies are complimentary as the data needed for development of either will benefit both components. 


However from a funding standpoint, the development process is faster and less expensive for ingredients added to food and other consumer products than medical imaging agents yet the market opportunity is likely larger so BioLume will pursue this first and use the cash from ingredient sales to develop the medical imaging products.


Biolume's Market Opportunities

The consumer markets are very large and growing.  The broad and diverse consumer applications within foods, beverages, personal care, and cosmetics represent huge first-in-class product opportunities.  There are no consumable bioluminescent products on the market today.  BioLume has trademarked the brand name Lumoness™ for the combination of chemistry that produces the bright, luminescent glow, in a spectrum of colors, which can be added to a broad range of products in each catagory.  Many major consumer product companies have expressed interest in Lumoness because “there aren’t any new foods, just new ingredients.” 

Biolume bioluminescent enzymes have broad application in medical imaging including anatomic, vascular and molecular imaging.  Optical (bioluminescent) imaging represents a paradigm shift in the focus of medical imaging from the visualization of anatomy and physiology to the study of metabolic and physiological processes, such as cancers, at the cellular level, often in real time. Molecular imaging, and specifically bioluminescent imaging (BLI), allows for early diagnosis of disease before there are symptoms or anatomic masses such as tumors.  Plus, BLI can be used to quantitatively monitor disease progression and the efficacy of drug therapy non-invasively.  Very sensitive optical imaging systems are already marketed that can detect light transmitted through tissue.  Many peer-reviewed academic publications on the subject, most using BioLume’s proprietary technology, witness BLI interest.  The brand name TumorLighthas been trademarked for medical imaging applications.